OLIO group has 25+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below. We have strength and experience in this services which allowed in successfully delivering projects to number of clients.

3M Purification has the application knowledge and products to provide solutions to the most challenging of requirements. From cost effective, coarse filtration using filter bags, to the finest particle reduction using membrane filters, customers depend on 3M Purification for filtration solutions.

Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is a composite repair system that is used to repair corroded and mechanically damaged pipelines without depressurization. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap uses specially designed Armor Fiber®. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is installed by certified and trained installers. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap accommodates any pipe size configuration. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is available in 12.5, 25, 50, and 100 square foot kits. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is the most engineer tested pipe wrap in the world

ONIS was established in 1979 in France and is of more than 40 years’ experience. ONIS is the world leader in the design & supply of Quick-Action Line Blinds for Oil & Gas upstream & downstream critical applications & has more than 10,000 Line Blinds installed worldwide. ONIS Line Blind replaces traditional method of line blinding such as figure 8, spectacle blinds, paddles, slip blinds and guarantees a 100% positive isolation. In Malaysia, through Olio Resources, ONIS Line Blinds have been successfully installed and utilized in ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer and Labuan Crude Oil Terminal.

ProDecon Ltd was formed in 2009 and is an expert in full decontamination solutions for Refiners, Power Generators and Petrochemical Manufacturers. The services include delivering hydrocarbon-free, including fluidized catalytic crackers, vacuum distillers, cockers, hydrocrackers, vis-breakers, and amine, sour-water and vapor-recovery system. With relentless focus on safety, quality and schedule, the broad range of chemicals from their market-leading Decon-88TM enable to deliver faster turnaround times and defer shutdowns.


OLIO CAPE SDN BHD is a joint venture company with Cape plc (UK), which brings together the capacity, experience and skills of both OLIO and Cape, for multi-disciplinary service offerings including Access (Scaffolding), Coatings, Insulation and Refractory, as well as specialist services including Storage Tanks and Heat Exchanger replacement and refurbishment.

NoClients / Contract TitleContract periods
1RAPID Package 5 TOYO Eng. & Construction Sdn Bhd – Scaffolding and Hot & Cold Insulation Work for Multiple Pipelines and ColumnsMay 2018 –
May 2019
2RAPID Package 3 Tecnicas Reunidas –
Refractory Work for HPU Reformers
March 2017 –
May 2018
3RAPID Package 5 TOYO Eng. & Construction
Sdn Bhd– Tower Dress Up (Hot & Cold
Insulation) & Scaffolding
March 2016 –
April 2017

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