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Floaters Solutions

Supported by more than 100 years experience in pump design and manufacturing, Wärtsilä offers pumps for the Marine and Oil & Gas industries. Wärtsilä's wide range of expertise in pumps:

  • Wärtsilä Hamworthy Pump Room System
  • Wärtsilä Hamworthy Fire Water Pump Packages
  • Wärtsilä Hamworthy Engine Room Pumps
  • Wärtsilä Svanehøj Cargo Pumps
  • Wärtsilä Svanehøj Sea Water Lift Pumps


Wärtsilä is a market leader in the development, design, manufacture and servicing of advanced Inert Gas and Nitrogen Solutions for Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas applications. Strong reputation in Inert Gas Solutions is based on over 50 years experience and unique full-scale R&D facilities located in Moss, Norway and references include over 2,500 vessels installed with Wärtsilä's Inert Gas equipment.

  • Inert Gas Generator Systems
  • Nitrogen Gas Generator Systems


NOV Flexibles develop, manufacture and market some of the highest performing and most advanced flexible pipe systems in the world. Innovative drive as well as technological platform and complete process knowledge in oil, gas, chemical and water mixtures can be transported safely and efficiently from a subsea well to the surface, from a platform to a vessel, or injected from the surface into a subsea well. Other applications of NOV Flexibles include transport of potable or waste water as well as on- and off-loading of various types of aggressive chemicals.


APL, a part of NOV Completion & Production Solutions, is a global leader in offshore mooring and loading systems, providing specific, patented technologies to energy companies, FPSO, FSO, and shuttle tanker operators worldwide. We design and deliver cost efficient and innovative technologies with focus on strategic products and services in the interface between the seabed and the floating units, encompassing complete mooring and fluid transfer systems, subsea structures and associated shipboard equipment.

With over 70 mooring systems delivered to date, installed in depths from 12 - 2,500 m worldwide, APL is a proven partner in providing you with the best-in-market offshore mooring and loading systems.

  • Bow Loading System (BLS)
  • Stern Discharge System (SDS)
  • Submerged Turret Production System (STP)
  • Submerged Turret Loading System (STL)
  • External Turret Production System (ETP)
  • External Turret Loading System (ETL)
  • Spread Moored System (SMS)
  • Single Anchor Loading System (SAL)
  • SAL Yoke System (SYS)
  • Ship Integrated Turret System (SIT)
  • Buoy Turret Loading System (BTL)


Vicinay Cadenas manufactures high quality Offshore Mooring Chains and Accessories, providing a wide variety to the industry and solutions which can be tailor made for a specific project, including Offshore Mooring Accessories of various qualities and in a range of sizes from 100kg up to 3,500kg.

  • Offshore Mooring Chains
  • Marine Chains
  • Offshore Shackles
  • Type D Shackles
  • LLLC Installation Link & Kenter
  • Tailor Made Plates & Connectors


Established in 1929, Cordoaria Sao Leopoldo (CSL) has grown into an international acknowledge manufacturer of nautical and naval ropes, as well as ropes for general use made out of high quality synthetic fibers. Today, CSL is present at the main ports worldwide, offshore drilling and production rigs, FPSO and SPM buoys on the Brazilian coast and abroad. The entrepreneurial spirit and longstanding experience of the company have qualified it to expand its activities to other market niches such as the fishing industry, yachting and other sailing activities, mountain climbing and rappel, as well as lifelines, adding quality and safety for all operations.

  • Mooring Ropes
  • Mooring Hawsers


Based in Ravenna, Italy, F.lli RIGHINI is an engineering and manufacturing company operating in the offshore market since 1985. F.lli RIGHINI has the capability to support the Customer since the early stages of design for lay-out definition and optimization. Complete in-house engineering, manufacturing and testing contribute to evolve field-proven concepts to new solutions in order to face the most severe requirements of the offshore industry.

  • Hydraulic friction clamps & systems
  • Pipes handling systems
  • Flexible umbilical laying systems
  • Liftable carousels for flexible/umbilicals
  • Linear & drum winches (main and auxiliary)
  • Risers and mooring hook-up turret winch systems
  • Risers pull-in winch system
  • Port-starboard risers pull-in systems
  • Steel catenary risers pull-in systems
  • Mooring chain tensioning systems (chain-jacks)
  • Mooring fairleads
  • MID turret sheaves